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The content on Topicks — Topicks

Care to find out more about the content we publish? Here are some details!

1. Topics

Before we create topics, we gather different ideas and suggestions from our users. For example, one of our partners suggested that we should create a topic that's all about hardware. The next step is to create a survey with people with many different interests (for example, some are interested in maths, some in science, and others in literature, just to name a few of all the different interests) and see their opinion related to adding a topic. Based on the feedback, and other factors such as the utility of the topic, we decide whether to add the topic or not.

2. Gathering content

Once we've got a topic idea, we start gathering the content related to it. We find around 60 different sub-topics to display (one sub-topic per day), and once every two months we refill the topic with new content. We try to gather concise pieces of information so that you can learn something truly useful, or entertain yourself with quality content.

3. Publishing

We double-check the content before publishing: Are there any typos? Are there any mistakes?

4. Removing topics

We ocassionally survey some friends and people about their opinion regarding certain topics. If they have a negative response, we usually remove the topics, or try making it more engaging.

Side note! We use Google Analytics to track how users engage with Topicks. More on that in our policies.