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Old TOS – Topicks

Welcome to Topicks!

To keep our platform under control and make it a safe place for users, we have a set of rules and requirements that you must agree with. When you sign up with our website, you implicitly agree with our terms and conditions (as mentioned there).

If any part of our website has a custom policy of usage, and some terms and conditions listed there are in conflict with the ones listes here, these Terms of Service will take precedence over them.


To properly understand what we mean in our terms of service, as well as in other policies, we highly suggest reading the following definitions.

We refer to our platform as our "service", "project", "webiste" ("site" for short) or "app".

"Prohibited content" means any content (images, text, links, audio, video, scripts etc.) that embeds: scripts that affect this site's user experience or user interface, adult content, dangerous or derogatory content, recreational drugs or drug-related content, alcohol-related content, tobacco-related content, healthcare-related content, hacking and cracking content, misrepresentative content, weapon-related content and/or illegal content.

How our services are funded

We currently work as non-profit, so we don't get or accept any funds, donations, nor do we display ads in exchange for money. Even though this is our current state, we're planning on serving relevant ads powered by Adsense in the upcoming months, and we'll anounce any changes as soon as they appear.

Usage of cookies and similar technologies

We use a popular method to save your data, called HTML5 Storage, that is similar to the well-known cookies. The advantage of these technologies is that we don't have to collect any data from your sign up. Nothing is sent to any web server. This way, you can be sure that all your personal data is kept safely. The first time you join our website, a message appears on the bottom of the webpage mentioning this information, as required by the law of most countries and the EU, and so, by interacting with our site (and implicitly with our message) or not, you are fully aware of this and agree.

Your commitments to Topicks

Who can use Topicks

By law, you are not allowed to sign up to any website, including Topicks, if you're under the age of 16 (in the EU) or under the age of 13 (the rest of the world). You agree that you've checked your country's law about this matter and that you are above minimum age of signing up to a website. We also do not allow any interaction with this website by people that:

Updating our terms

Since our first beta launch, we've been adding new features regularly. When we make a change to our website, we might need to change our terms of service to be sure that we don't have safety and security breaches. We will send ocasional messages stating this, but you are obligated to check for any policy updates every time you open Topicks. You can either access https://topicks.online/article?title=terms-of-service or go on the app, scroll to the bottom and tap "Terms of Service".

Content policies

Some of the content displayed from our website is embeded from other websites, captioning the original source. If you're the owner of a website that has content displayed on our website and wish it's removal, you can contact the owner over at zd7doomdom7i3i37om at gdomaiommi41l dot com (when reaching out, write the e-mail letter by letter rather than copy-pasting). If, as a user, you find any prohibited content on our website, embeded or not, you are obligated to notify us either by tapping/clicking the flag icon under the current topic or contact us using the email above, and you are not allowed to tell anyone else (either online or in real life) about this situation.

Unclear terms and conditions

You are obligated to alert (contact) us using the e-mail above if you find any part of our terms or policies unclear.

Consequences of not respecting our terms

If we have evidence of you breaking any of the rules listed in Topicks' terms and conditions, as well as other polices from embeded content or certain parts of our website, or don't match the criteria listed above in "Who can use Topicks" (e.g. You are under the age of 18), we are allowed to block you're IP address so that you cannot use our service in the future.

Other terms and conditions

Certain parts of our website might have their own set of terms and conditions. In these cases, they will be clearly marked to avoid any sort of confusion.

By interacting with different embeded elements from other websites (e.g. images, videos, or external links), available from topics such as "Paintings", "Music", "Cities" etc., you agree to the terms of service and other policies applied by the embeded source site.

Other information regarding Topicks

  1. When do the Topics change? Topics are updated every day, based on your device's time and date. For instance, someone in NYC recieves the new posts earlier than someone in LA, if their device's date and time match the local timezones.
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