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How it all began — Topicks

A brief history regarding VIDRO, written by

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This article doesn't cover the actual making of the project. If you're interested, you can check it out here.

20th of June, 2019 — School's out!

How did your 2019 summer holiday start? I found myself watching Austin McConnell's video on YouTube titled "Let's Make Something This Summer". This video made me realise that I shouldn't just lay around all day and that I should do something productive, at least this summer.

So I called my friends and told them my plan for this summer: "Let's build a bunch of apps and publish them!". I already had a couple of apps on my computer that I just kept there, untouched. All I needed to do is to refurbish them with 2019's standards, make a couple of other apps and... Voila! I'm all set. One of my friends, Vlad, also worked on a bunch of apps, and had a ton of cool ideas ready to be made. We named ourselves "VIDRO", "V I", "I D" and "Ro" beeing either the initials or parts of our names.


After finishing 3 other apps, for my 4th and final app I wanted to create something useful in our every day life. That idea later became the core of Topicks. More on the whole project's history can be found here.