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Frequently asked questions – Topicks

Get to know us and our product more with answers to different questions!

Where does the name "Topicks" come from?

It's a simple name game: our service is made for you to pick topics. Topicks!

How long did it take to create Topicks?

It took around 4 days to create the first version of the website, additional time for adding content (topics) and for advertising (making trailers, for example).

How many people helped at creating the website? created the website, while @_robby_g_ helped with the topics. This obviously doesn't include all the positive and constructive feedback we gained from our community ❤

How long did it take to learn to code?, the creator of the website, has over 5 years of experience with web development, but also with other areas such as app or game development. The learning part might not've taken that much, and can be sumarized in a couple of months.

How did the idea come?

I,, wanted to learn efficiently for a big exam, and so I used my JavaScript skills to bodge a simple program that would output new formulas every time I opened my computer. That later became the core of the app.

How can we support Topicks?

Awww, that's so sweet ❤ At the moment, we don't accept any type of funding, thanks anyways!