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Credits – Topicks

Meet our team and find out who contributed to Topicks!

👋 Hey there! We're VIDRO, a small team that creates apps! You can find out more about the team below.

Satnoianu Dominic (

Founder (creator)


    Website – Front-end (Web Design)

    Application – Android app

Advertising and branding

    Advertisment creation

    * Music made by Pold.


    * Font used in logo is owned by Google, and was not made by Satnoianu Dominic.

Gyorgy Robert (@_robby_g_)

Content and UX

  1. Research, suggestions, testing

Ionescu Vlad (@vlad_41_i)

Content and UX

  1. Research, suggestions, testing


The whole Topicks team wants to thank Timeea Ciobanu (timeeaciobanu) for promoting Topicks on her story, so our ad was displayed to over 18k people.

More about Topicks can be found here.