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People all around the globe chose Topicks to learn something useful in the first couple of hours of launch.

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More about the project

Since the first beta ever released, we've been adding features and content every day. We're working on making Topicks the app that you use to relax and entertain yourself. We enjoy working on this project and we're hyped every time we launch a new improvement, whether it's a bug fixed or a new topic.

We're getting closer and closer into launching the official Topicks app and cannot wait to hear your opinions on it — with one tap, you'll be able to learn something.

We're also looking forward to launching shareable links to different topics, so that you can spread something useful or relaxing among your friends.

You can check out articles about the development of Topicks here.

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Meet the team

Topicks is a project developed by "VIDRO", an organization founded by two passionate programmers. With the help of a small team, Dominic ( created the website/app in a couple of days. Robert (@_robby_g_) did research and helped with translation. Vlad (@vlad_i_41), one of the founders, helped with marketing. David, Robert's brother, helped Robert with finishing the assignments necessary for the launch.

Thanks for reading! You can learn even more about us by reading the FAQ!